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Federal Ministry of Health

Portrait of Minister Alois Stöger

Portrait of Minister Alois Stöger

Austria has one of the best health care systems in the world. As the Minister of Health I will do all I can to ensure that this excellent standard of medical care is maintained in the future and further developed in a targeted way. In this context, cooperation and communication with all of our partners in the health care system is a top priority.

Our goal is to create transparency, recognise problems and draw up solutions together which give people in Austria the security that they will receive the best possible treatment if they become ill. A particularly important point for me is that health care policy is not just about so-called reparatory medicine, but about promoting and preserving people’s health. Health issues have to be more firmly anchored in our society, and have a presence in schools, companies and local communities.

Alois Stöger
Minister of Health